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Our Founder Mark has been designing, making and selling sustainable gifts since 2004. Hey Pots is his latest idea: smart and sustainable gifts for all occasions which are fun to make and easy to send.


Why are Hey Pots filled with plants or candles? Well, both are an instant mood lifter, bring calm to busy minds and soothe souls; boosting happiness and wellbeing. Plus Hey Pots are personalised and reusable so, once your candle has shared its love, or your plant has outgrown its starter home, you can repurpose your pot and fill it with all your bits and bobs. It’s a gift for life.

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To create gifts that make you feel good. Gifts that make you smile when you make them and more so when you receive them. To make gifts that last, even when they no longer hold plants and candles. To deliver gifts carefully using only recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Needless to say, we source as locally and ethically as we can. Our pots are hand made from concrete. All our plants are carefully selected from the finest nurseries in Holland and our candles are hand poured in Kent using only 100% natural vegan ingredients. All our packaging is made from FSC approved materials and is both biodegradable and recyclable - even the tape!